BWV 012: Ten Things that should be Done

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Jā 468 Janasandhajātakaṁ
Ten Things that should be Done

The Bodhisatta, when he was King Janasandha, explained ten courses of action which, when not done, bring about regret in the future.

33. Dasa khalu imāni ṭhānāni, yāni pubbe akārĭtvā,
Sa pacchā anutappati, iccevāha Janasandho.

There are ten things when not done,
He regrets it in the future,
So said good King Janasandha.

34. Aladdhā vittaṁ tappati pubbe asamudānitaṁ,
‘Na pubbe dhanam-esissaṁ,’ iti pacchānutappati.

Not having gained or gathered wealth
In the past, he suffers, thinking:
‘I did not seek riches and wealth,’
This he regrets in the future.

35. ‘Sakyarūpaṁ pure santaṁ, mayā sippaṁ na sikkhitaṁ,
Kicchā vutti asippassa,’ iti pacchānutappati.

‘In the past, when I was able,
I did not train in trade or craft,
There is hardship without a craft,’
This he regrets in the future.

36. ‘Kūṭavedī pure āsiṁ, pisuṇo piṭṭhimaṁsiko,
Caṇḍo ca pharuso cāsiṁ,’ iti pacchānutappati.

‘In the past I was deceitful,
Divisive and a backbiter,
I was violent and was rough,’
This he regrets in the future.

37. ‘Pāṇātipātī pure āsiṁ, luddo cāsiṁ anāriyo,
Bhūtānaṁ nāpacāyissaṁ,’ iti pacchānutappati.

‘Before I killed living beings,
Being an ignoble hunter,
Having no respect for creatures,’
This he regrets in the future.

38. ‘Bahūsu vata santīsu anāpādāsu itthisu,
Paradāraṁ asevissaṁ’, iti pacchānutappati.

‘Though there were many women who
Were not married to another,
I assaulted another’s wife’,
This he regrets in the future.

39. ‘Bahumhi vata santamhi, annapāne upaṭṭhite,
Na pubbe adadiṁ dānaṁ,’ iti pacchānutappati.

‘Though food and drink was got ready,
Still I did not give any gifts,’
This he regrets in the future.

40. ‘Mātaraṁ Pitarañ-cāpi, jiṇṇake gatayobbane,
Pahusanto na posissaṁ,’ iti pacchānutappati.

‘With Mother and Father grown old,
Still I did not give them support,’
This he regrets in the future.

41. ‘Ācariyam-anusatthāraṁ sabbakāmarasāharaṁ,
Pitaraṁ atimaññissaṁ,’ iti pacchānutappati.

‘I despised my teachers and friends,
Who desired good things for me,
I also despised my father,’
This he regrets in the future.

42. ‘Samaṇe brāhmaṇe cāpi sīlavante bahussute,
Na pubbe payirupāsissaṁ,’ iti pacchānutappati.

‘I did not pay much honour,
To virtuous, learned monastics,’
This he regrets in the future.

43. ‘Sādhu hoti tapo ciṇṇo, santo ca payirupāsito,
Na ca pubbe tapo ciṇṇo,’ iti pacchānutappati.

Knowing: ‘Austerity is good,
And a good person is honoured,
I didn’t practice austerity,’
This he regrets in the future.

44. Yo ca etāni ṭhānāni, yoniso paṭipajjati,
Karaṁ purisakiccāni, sa pacchā nānutappati.

He who practises this wisely,
Who has done his moral duty,
Regrets it not in the future.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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