BWV 059: True Friends

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AN 7.37 Dutiyamittasuttaṁ
True Friends

Seven things by which one can know a true friend.

122. Piyo ca garu bhāvanīyo, vattā ca vacanakkhamo,
Gambhīrañ-ca kathaṁ kattā, no caṭṭhāne niyojaye.

Pleasant, respectful, and mature,
One who speaks about forebearance,
One who talks about what is deep,
Who does not urge the impossible.

123. Yasmiṁ etāni ṭhānāni saṁvijjantīdha puggale:
So mitto mittakāmena, atthakāmānukampako.
Api nāsiyamānena, bhajitabbo tathāvidho.

In that person these things are found:
He is a true and lovely friend,
Who really desires your welfare.
Though he has come to destruction,
With him one can keep company.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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