BWV 007: The Right Uses of Wealth

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AN 4.61 Pattakammasuttaṁ
The Right Uses of Wealth

The Householder Anāthapiṇḍika receives instruction on the right ways to make use of the wealth that has been righteously obtained.

15. Bhuttā bhogā bhatā bhaccā, vitiṇṇā āpadāsu me,
Uddhaggā dakkhiṇā dinnā, atho pañcabalīkatā,
Upaṭṭhitā sīlavanto, saññatā brahmacārayo.

Wealth should be used for dependents,
And for overcoming misfortune,
For giving lofty donations,
And making the five offerings
To kin, guests and the departed
And also to Kings and the gods –
This has been recommended by
The virtuous who live spiritually.

16. Yad-atthaṁ bhogaṁ iccheyya Paṇḍito Gharam-āvasaṁ:
‘So me attho anuppatto kataṁ ananutāpiyaṁ.’

17. Etaṁ anussaraṁ macco, Ariyadhamme ṭhito naro,
Idheva naṁ pasaṁsanti, pecca Sagge pamodati.

The wise layman can wish for wealth,
Thinking: This will be for my good.
A mortal who remembers this,
A person who is truly Noble,
Will be praised right here and now,
And later rejoice in Heaven.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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