BWV 036: Seizing the Advantage

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Jā 342 Vānarajātakaṁ
Seizing the Advantage

A crocodile, wishing to get a monkey’s heart for his wife, entices a monkey onto his back, but at the critical time, the monkey persuades him that he left his heart in a tree and escapes when land is approached.

80. Yo ca uppatitaṁ atthaṁ na khippam-anubujjhati,
Amittavasam-anveti, pacchā ca anutappati.

He who does not attend quickly
To the advantage that is present,
Goes under the power of foes,
He regrets it in the future.

81. Yo ca uppatitaṁ atthaṁ khippam-eva nibodhati,
Muccate sattusambādhā, na ca pacchānutappati.

He who does attend quickly
To the advantage that is present
Is set free from all enemies,
He has no regret in the future.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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