Anandajoti in 2009

This is a short summary of the various Dharma works I have been involved in over the years, and includes materials related to editing and translating, studies I have made; as well as photographic work, curation and support I have been providing for other Dharma teachings.

I was born near Birmingham in England and spent the better part of my first 35 years there, but I have now been resident in the East since 1987, mainly in Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and Thailand. I ordained in the Theravāda tradition in Sri Lanka in 1995 and received higher ordination the following year.

I greatly appreciate feedback to the posts and will attend to whatever matters are brought to my attention so please do not hesitate to drop comments on the various posts. If you want to contact me personally please write to anandajoti [at] gmail [dot] com. I also have a Facebook where I update on the works I am engaged in.

I have numerous websites besides this blog, so if a particular aspect of the blog attracts or interests you, you may want to follow up the links below.

Ancient Buddhist Texts

Ancient Buddhist Texts
This was the first website I started in 2002 as a way of publishing material from the broader early Buddhist Tradition in the original languages together with annotated translations. The website, which has over 150 texts and is still expanding, includes mainly original editions, translations, and studies from both the early and medieval periods, in Pāḷi, Sanskrised Prākr̥t (BHS), and Classical Sanskrit. It also contains over 130 hrs of recordings of translations, and many maps and other reference materials.

Photo Dharma

In the year 2006 a supporter in Sri Lanka gave me a camera, and since then I have been taking photographs mainly of the temples, pilgrimage centres and historical sites in South and SE Asia. In 2009 after a trip to Borobudur, I started a dedicated website to house the various collections. As of 2018 there are more than 13,000 photographs on the site all published in high-definition files, with slideshows, and, in most cases, further information about the sites.

Dharma Documentaries

Since 2010 I have been publishing a blog of documentaries about Buddhism and the cultures associated with it. This is probably the most comprehensive collection of documentaries on these subjects. By 2015 it contains well over 600 documentaries, and is growing all the time.

Dharma Records YouTube Channel

I have regularly given talks, mainly on matters pertaining to the history and culture of Buddhism, besides Dhamma talks on the ethical life, and recording of traditional chantings, which can be found on my youtube channel, where I have also published many talks and videos by other teachers.

Pāḷi Text Images

These are scans of Pali texts in Sinhala and Burmese scripts, including the whole Tipitaka (and the commentaries in Sinhala script only).

Besides the work listed above I am also active in many other projects, including the following websites.

Webmaster and admin:

Bhante Dhammika’s Writings on the Dhamma
Books and Various Research Articles by this popular Dhamma Teacher

Godwin Home Page (Meditation Teachings)
edited transcriptions, photos and audio files of the lay meditation teacher Godwin Samararatne

Godwin Memorial Fund
carrying on the charitable work of Acarya Godwin Samararatne in the Kandy area of Sri Lanka

Friends of Godwin
Short blogs outlining Godwin’s teachings

Ven. Rerukane Candavimala
His Autobiography

Ven Nyanavimala, Pure Inspiration
Writings about the great German monk, Ven Nyanavimala and his mode of practice

Bhikkhu Sumedha, His Teaching and Paintings
Teachings on Pain, Stress and Illness, and a collection of some of his paintings

Henri van Zeyst
Collection of writing on Theravāda Buddhism

Mike Cross, Abandoning Ideas
Translations from the Sanskrit of Aśvaghoṣa

Bhikkhu Moneyya
The Moneyya Chronicles (Selected Poems and Musings)

Nalin Swaris
Buddhism and Human Rights


Tam Tang Pali Viet
translations of large sections of the Tipitaka into Vietnamese mainly by Ven. Minh Châu and Ven. Indacanda

Blog articles and posts by Ven. Sopaka

With Metta
Posts about giving and receiving mettā collected by Ven Subhuti

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  • Interesting site. I’m currently studying the Dhamma and attend the Buddhist Temple in Nashville,TN. I’ve only been into the Dhamma for 4 years or so. So I’m very into reading from those more experienced and truly putting into practice.

  • Hello Mr Monk from near Birmingham,

    I would like to thank you for show casing my film ‘Karamoja City Warriors’, You have made the platform for the film very comprehensive and interesting. I wish you all the best with the research you are doing about various subjects, thank you very much…

    Yours Simon…

  • Anandajoti

    Dear Simon, you are more than welcome as it is very inspiring to see such innovative work being made. May you and your work long prosper.

  • Poh Chee

    Hi Ven. Anandajoti,

    I love your works. I am from Penang. Hope to see you soon in Penang.


    Poh Chee

  • Anandajoti

    Hi Poh Chee, and thanks for the encouragement. I will be in Than Hsiang for the Sanghika Dana this Sunday (24th July 2011), will you be there? If so, hopefully we can meet up.

  • very interesting site and thank for information. I like to learn meditation I think it’s good for life and it’s the way to be happiness. Thank

  • Srisuda Hongthai

    Hello, Venerable Anandajoti, and Sawasdede Kha as we say in my home country of Thailand.

    I did not see an email address for you so I hope you don’t mind I am contacting you through this form on your blog.

    I wanted you to know that we are conducting a survey on 9/11 and the impact it had on Buddhism (particularly in the USA, but also for all English speaking countries).

    We are having a bit of difficulty promoting this survey since we don’t have any outside financial help. So we are hoping that you might graciously mention the survey on your photodharma.net blog if you think that you might have visitors to your blog who would be interested in taking this survey.

    The 9/11 and Buddhism survey page can be found on our web site at: http://www.thebuddhagarden.com/911survey/

    There is of course no fee for people to take the survey and we don’t have any popup adds or anything like that.

    We basically are just trying to get the opinions of long-term Buddhists and recent Buddhists and compare the attitudes of them toward the different aspects of Buddhism.

    Thank you again, and Sawasdee Kha.

    Srisuda Hongthai
    The Buddha Garden

  • sylvain lavoie

    If you know some phrases written in ancient buddhist texts AND in christians evangiles, I’m VERY interested to know the references.


  • GeethadS

    I had the opportunity to read few books of the Most ven Rerukane Chandhavima thero and wondered why there weren’t any English translations of them since I felt that the books were so valuable for a learner. When I accidentally came to this site I was overjoyed. It is so great. I am so grateful. Holy Triple Gem Bless You. Namo Buddhaya

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