BWV 068: Friendship is more Valuable than Wealth

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Jā 131 Asampadānajātakaṁ
Friendship is more Valuable than Wealth

A rich man gives half his wealth to one fallen on hard times; but when he is in need himself the other offers him only rice gruel. He accepts it so as not to rebuff the obligations of friendship. Later the King hears about it and restores his wealth.

146. Asampadānenitarītarassa,
Bālassa mittāni kalībhavanti,
Tasmā harāmi bhusaṁ aḍḍhamānaṁ,
Mā me mitti jīyittha sassatāya.

To that fool having no understanding,
Friends are considered to be distressful,
Therefore I take his half-measure of chaff,
May I not be deprived of his friendship.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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