BWV 005: Four Ways to spend one’s Wealth

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DN 31 Sigālasuttaṁ
Four Ways to spend one’s Wealth

The Buddha gives instructions to the young man Sigāla on the four kinds of friends, and then tells him how to keep them.

8. Paṇḍito sīlasampanno jalam-aggīva bhāsati,
Bhoge saṁharamānassa, bhamarasseva iriyato
Bhogā sannicayaṁ yanti, vammiko vupacīyati.

The Wise One endowed with virtue
Will shine forth like a burning fire,
The one who works to gather wealth
Is like a bee gathering honey,
Or like ants piling up their hill.

9. Evaṁ bhoge samāhatvā, alam-atto kule gihī,
Catudhā vibhaje bhoge, sa ve mittāni ganthati:

Having gathered his wealth like this,
Enough for his family and home,
He can divide it in four ways,
Which will ensure he keeps his friends:

10. Ekena bhoge bhuñjeyya, dvīhi kammaṁ payojaye,
Catutthañ-ca nidhāpeyya, āpadāsu bhavissati.

With one part he enjoys his wealth,
With two he can manage his work,
The fourth part he should deposit
To use in times of misfortune.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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