The 84 Statues of Guan Yin on Photo Dharma

Fearless Posture
Fearless Posture

As reported last week I recently visited a nearby Temple, Wat Khao Rup Chang, which has been built in a very remote area on the Thai-Malaysian border, around 15km west of Padang Besar in Songkhla.

The Temple is a huge complex founded by one Chinese monk from Singapore who came to the limestone caves in this area in 1968 (BE 2511), and settled there, and combines both Theravāda and Mahāyāna elements.

One of the projects the monk undertook was to build 84 life size statues of Guan Yin, which are positioned around the main 1,000 Buddha Temple.

The statues are correlated with the Great Compassion Mantra from the Nīlakaṇṭha Dhāranī, which is chanted in the Chinese tradition. I have listed the ‘names’ under each of the 84 statues for each of the statues in traditional Chinese, Pinyin and Sanskrit versions (a big thanks to Ven Sopāka for helping with this).

They are to be found on the 84 Guan Yin Statue page on the Photo Dharma website, where you will find over 100 photographs in 3 different sizes: thumbnail, medium and high-definition, and there are two slideshows available also.

The photographs are free to use (even commercially), and may be modified, as is the case with all the photos on the site, with only attribution required.


Fearless Posture


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