Pan and Zoom Slideshows now on all pages on the Photo Dharma website

Earlier in the year I mentioned that I had included a limited number of Pan and Zoom style Slidehows on the Photo Dharma website, using the WOW slider facility.

I have now managed to extend that to the whole site so that there is now a choice of slideshows, a more normal static-style one, which cross-fades the photographs, and the WOW slider which pans & zooms across them, which is a nice and engaging effect.

The work was done as I was upgrading the slide-size photos to a bigger and better size. They are now a maximum of 600px in height, rather than 500px, which, although it sounds a small difference, is quite an improvement in quality for the visual experience.

I hope as always that this will improve your experience on the site. I can’t exemplify it on the blog, but for an example you can see here the Chedi Traiphop Traimongkhon in Hatyai here, or more or less any other page.


Chedi Traimongkhon


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