Photographs of Wat Plukkhla, and 360° Photographs

Wat Plukkhla is near to the airport at Hatyai. It appears to be an older temple, that has recently seen a big increase in its income, particularly from Singapore and Malaysia, which it is spending on establishing new statues and buildings.

The temple’s centre piece is a very large statue of the Buddha in sitting posture giving blessings (Buddha Stable-Wealth), it sits above the sīma, which itself is raised on a high platform. Around the sīma are doors and windows with wooden reliefs depicting the Life of the Buddha.

For us at IBC it is on the road to the airport, and a shortcut into Hatyai, but this was the first chance I had to get down and photograph the place, and a few days later I was able to return for some rephotography.

Below there are a number of Buddha Halls, housing a large collection of life-size Buddha statues, the main interest in them is that they display various postures, some of which are quite unusual.

The album also includes the first 360° photographs I am publishing, which give an opportunity to look round the sites and see the context of the various photographs that are featured. I have also uploaded some 360° photos to the Wat Khao Rup Chang album as well.




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