BWV 037: Not all Growth is Advantageous

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Jā 370 Palāsajātakaṁ
Not all Growth is Advantageous

A goose warns a tree-god that a banyan sapling that was taking hold in its home would eventually destroy it. The warning was ignored and the tree succumbed.

82. Na tassa vuddhi kusalappasatthā,
Yo vaḍḍhamāno ghasate patiṭṭhaṁ;
Tassūparodhaṁ parisaṅkamāno,
Patārayī mūlavadhāya Dhīro.

That growth is not praised by the virtuous,
Which, when grown, consumes what is prospering;
Suspecting it may be an obstacle,
The Wise try to destroy it at the root.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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