BWV 006: A Wise Man’s Duties

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AN 5.58 Licchavikumārakasuttaṁ
A Wise Man’s Duties

The Buddha explains the five duties which, when fulfilled, lead to prosperity and not to decline.

11. Mātāpitukiccakaro, puttadārahito sadā,
Anto janassa atthāya, yo cassa upajīvino.

Waiting on Mother and Father,
Caring for his wife and children,
Looking after those in his house
And those who live in dependence.

12. Ubhinnaṁ yeva atthāya, vadaññū hoti sīlavā,
Ñātīnaṁ pubbapetānaṁ, diṭṭhadhamme ca jīvitaṁ.

Seeking the welfare of them all
The virtuous one is bountiful
Both to those who have departed
And to those who are still alive.

13. Samaṇānaṁ brāhmaṇānaṁ, devatānañ-ca Paṇḍito
Vittisañjanano hoti, Dhammena gharam-āvasaṁ.

A layman who lives by Dhamma,
Is one who will generate joy
Both for monastics and for gods.

14. So karitvāna kalyāṇaṁ, pujjo hoti pasaṁsiyo,
Idheva naṁ pasaṁsanti, pecca Sagge pamodati.

Doing what is good and proper,
He will be praised right here and now,
And later rejoice in Heaven.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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