Bhante Anandajoti: The Story of Arahat Sāriputta

Sariputta from Myanmar by Hiart
Sariputta from Myanmar by Hiart

This is an illustrated and annotated recording of a talk I gave at the Bodhi Lankārāma Buddhist Temple on the Full Moon night in February, 2015.

At present I am recording a series of talks about the significance of the Full Moon nights, and this is the third in the series so far (for more see here).

Māgha Poya is memorable for a number of things: it was the night Ven. Sāriputta attained Awakening, and later on the same night, after 1,250 Disciples had spontaneously assembled, he and Ven. Moggallāna were appointed as Chief Disciples.

It is also the night the Buddha, at the end of his teaching career, finally gave up the will to live on and announced his parinibbāna.

I have taken the occasion to relate the commentarial life of Arahat Sāriputta from his first aspiration under Buddha Anomadassī till his parinibbāna shortly before the Buddha’s own decease.

The talk is supported by photographs and annotations of some of the information related to the talk.




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  • Shivam

    Thanks for this beautiful dhamma talk dear Bhante. I would like to hear Story of Ven. Mahakassapa in similar manner in future { his life inspires me personally 🙂 }

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