Bhante Anandajoti: The Establishment of Buddhism in Sri Lanka

The Establishment of Buddhism in Sri Lanka

This is an illustrated and annotated video of a talk I gave at the June (Poson) Full Moon in the Bodhi Lankarama Temple, Taiping, Malaysia describing the events surrounding the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka.

The talk is part of a series on the significance of the various Full Moon days that occur throughout the year, that tell about some of the important events that happened on the various day.

For Sri Lankans this is the most important day in the Buddhist year as it marks the day that Arahat Mahinda arrived in Sri Lanka in 255 BCE. It was followed 6 months later by the arrival of his sister Arahat Sanghmittā and the Bodhi Tree.

The talk starts with Ven. Mahinda’s father King Asoka: how he came to the throne, his conversion to Buddhism, the giving of both his children to be ordained, and how they became the founders of Buddhism in the Sri Lanka.

Along the way I discuss the motivations for the missions, the way they were conducted, and their outcomes, throwing light on one of the most dynamic events in the history of the religion.




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