New Set of Godwin’s Talks Available

Godwin Samararatne

I was recently working once again on the website dedicated to the meditation and dhamma teachings of my first Buddhist teacher, Acarya Godwin Samararatne, who was one of the most influential people in my life.

During the course of that work I came across a set of talks that were made in the Netherlands in July 1996, that are previously unpublished. The odd thing is that it does seem that I edited these talks at one time, so how they have languished without publication is unknown to me.

They include four public talks that were given in Amsterdam and a set of five retreat talks that were given in Zonnewende. The recordings were made on amateur cassette players, so are not of the highest quality, but are reasonably clear.

Most of the talks are on various aspects of meditation, sometimes giving instructions, sometimes showing how they work in everyday life; and there is also one on the benefits of chanting, something Godwin was keen on, and a guided meditation on Healing Wounds using Loving-Kindness.

I am doing more work on the site at present, and will have a big announcement soon, but for now I really hope that hearing Godwin give the teachings in his own words, and in his own voice, will encourage people in their practice.



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