Early Buddhist Legends of Sri Lanka

Early Buddhist Legends of Sri Lanka

This continues a series of illustrated talks I am giving on the significance of the Full Moon days, especially from a Sri Lankan perspective.

This talk was given on the January Full Moon day (Jan 5th 2015) at the Bodhi Lankarama Buddhist Temple, Taiping and covers the legendary history of the Sri Lankans.

The topics covered include the three visits of the Lord Buddha to Sri Lanka in the 1st, 5th and 8th years after Awakening, and the origin of the Sinhala peoples.

It also covers the establishment of the Sinhala peoples in Sri Lanka, which includes a number of surprising features, including the female progenitors being Tamil.

At the end of the talk I reflect on how we can meaningfully understand these legends, and show how they are trying to address a real problem faced in Buddhism, which was solved by the traditions in different ways.


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