A Buddhist Perspective… now published in Sinhala Translation

It is now many years since we managed to publish a posthumous book of the Swiss monk Ven Sumedha’s teachings as A Buddhist Perspective on Pain, Stress and Illness, first online, then in hard copy; and following on that successful publication the book was republished in Taiwan in 2015.

The book is one of the best of its kind, taking a real Buddhist look at these difficult subjects, which grew out of Ven Sumedha’s personal experiences working with the critically ill over many years, informed by a deep knowledge and understanding of the original teachings of the Buddha.

Last year I received permission to publish Ven Sumedha’s paintings online also, and set up a new website for his works: Bhikkhu Sumedha, His Teaching and Paintings as part of the Buddhasasana project.

Now I am very happy to say that thanks to the dedicated efforts of Inoka Fernando, a Mahā Upāsikā in Sri Lanka there is a very well prepared translation into Sinhala which has been published to the highest standards in his adopted country Sri Lanka, and also online.

Ven Sumedha was well-known and well-loved amongst the Sinhalese people for his efforts in setting up clinics and helping those in dire straights, and this will very much help in getting his recorded teachings to the people he lived amongst for over 30 years.

Those living in Sri Lanka who would like hard copies can email at anandajoti@gmail.com and I will see that they are sent on to you. Others can find a soft copy at the address above.

A Buddhist Perspective...


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2 comments to A Buddhist Perspective… now published in Sinhala Translation

  • Tathaaloka Bhikkhuni

    Dear Venerable, the link for the Sinhalese version is not working here in USA… it just says “processing request” endlessly. _/\_

  • Anandajoti

    Dear Ayyā, as far as I can tell all links are in fact working at present, including in Chrome.

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