Audio Flipbook of The Life of the Victorious Buddha

Around 2009 I started making audio recordings of some of my English translations, and they quickly became very popular, and I eventually added all the translations from the English Only section of my texts website.

A number of times I have tried experimenting with making videos out of these files, but so far nothing worked out satisfactorily. Then a week or two back it occurred to me that maybe having the audio files coupled with a flipbook-type presentation would work, especially if there were illustrations to go with the reading.

The obvious choice for a first try was The Life of the Victorious Buddha, a medieval poem by Ven. Medhankara, which tells the Buddha biography in a concise form, and has 30 fine illustrations by the gifted Yen Chua.

The books tells the inspiring story of the Bodhisatta’s aspiration for Awakening, its fulfilment at the foot of the Bodhi Tree, and the Early Ministry of the Buddha in the newly founded Sasana as it has come down to us in the Theravāda tradition.

Now I’ve got the idea I will try and prepare some more books in a similar way, though to make it visually appealing it will mean having to find more illustrations for most of them.

Meanwhile if you want to know the traditional story of the Buddha I will read it to you in less than two hours. I hope you will enjoy it and pass it on to your friends.






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