Ajahn Suthep Teaching Qi Gong


In June 2011 Ajahn Suthep was again at Vivekavana, the monastery I live in in Penang, Malaysia, to give a retreat, and when he comes I always like to do some videoing with him.

This time we recorded his afternoon Qi Gong workout. It took around four recordings before I got it right, or nearly right anyway.

When I got back from Chiang Mai, I edited the video somewhat to take out the excessive repetitions (from 35 > 14), which are OK “live”, but don’t quite work on video.

I then added in some music by his disciple Tootaton and added some unobtrusive transitions. I hope it is useful for you, and if it is, see if you can get along to one of Ajahn’s retreats some time.



You can find more videos from Ajahn on my Dharma Records YouTube Channel.


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13 comments to Ajahn Suthep Teaching Qi Gong

  • Kay Johnson

    Dear Ajahn Suthep’
    I am very interested in joining a Qi -Gong and Buddhist study Retreat.Please contact me and send me information.I have very much enjoyed joining in your Qi-gong class on u-tube and feel a huge benefit to my health.

    Best wishes Kay Johnson

  • Anandajoti

    Dear Kay, I have passed on your message to Ajahn, but he may not be checking his emails at present.

  • Kay Johnson

    Dear Anandajoti,
    Thank you for forwarding my message.I can wait for a reply as I’m sure Ajahn is busy.I would be very happy to spend a week or two learning chi-kung from Ajahn.I have been studying and practicing buddhisim for14 year’s and do try to be aware of my actions,so would like to learn more. Best wishes.Kay Johnson

  • morgenthaler Katharina

    lieber Ajahn Suthep und seine guten Helfer…
    ich habe das video über Qi Gong gesehen und möchte sehr gerne diese Technik weiter geben. Gibt es eine Lehre bei Ajahn Suthep?oder ein Buch mit vertieften Wissen. ich würde sehr gerne Qi gong bei Ihm lernen.

    liebe Grüsse katharina
    und ich freue mich auf eine Antwort

  • Anandajoti

    Liebe Katharina, gibt es kein Buch von Ajahn zum Thema, aber er gibt Exerzitien und so weiter, vor allem in Thailand, Singapur und Malaysia. Im Moment sei er ruht, und wird wahrscheinlich nicht wieder unterrichten bis zum nächsten Jahr (translated from English by Google).

  • Harroman

    An excellent teaching resource but the music makes it very difficult to hear what is being said. Could you please publish it again without the music.
    Thanks a lot

  • Thorsten B

    throu youtube i discovered this great video and i would like to exercise the whole workout. It is difficult to stop the video to complete the exercises (from 14-35 times).

    So perhaps there is a possebility to get the whole video without cuttings?
    Please contact me.
    For a friend without Internet i captured your video on DVD. i hope you agree with my action.
    If not, please tell me.
    Do you think there will follow more different video workouts for Qi Gong with Ajahn Suthep or his companion?

  • Anandajoti

    Dear Thorsten, glad to hear that the video has been useful to you. You are of course welcome to make DVDs from the video and pass on for free to others you feel may benefit from it. I am unsure whether I will be able to get any more videos made. Maybe. Maybe not. But follow up from here to find some of his meditation teachings. I will see if I have an unedited version and update you later.

  • Thorsten B

    Thank you very much for your work.
    The DVD is build and on its way to people who benefit form it.

  • michl

    Dear Anandajoti,
    I found the video of Ajahn’s Qi-Gong class more than a year ago. Since then I am practising his routine every day or at least every second. So many good things have happened since then and my overall condition got better and better. The benefits are many. For a while now I feel that I would really like to intensify my knowledge about this routine as I know that it could help many people with several issues. Could you pass on this message to Ajahn please, as I would like to study this special routine with him in person. After one and a half years practising with the video, I feel that it would be helpful to get first hand instruction from the teacher who’s voice I know so well! I got that he is based in Thailand, right? I am ready to travel. Greetings and peace, michl

  • sebastian czerkas

    Dear Master Ajahn Suthep, Dear Anandajoti.
    I’ve started practicing Ajahn Suthep’s Chi Gong system short after it’s been published by You.
    I am very grateful.
    It has changed, and still changing my everyday life. The way I think, the way I feel what they call reality. Little step by step. Everything is constantly changing. My spine, nervous system, my muscle, my mind and everything around me.
    I’m very interested in getting more information about the Master Ajahn and this chi gong system to pass that treasure to other people.
    Thank You Master Ajahn.
    Thank You Anandajoti for your great work and effort.
    I have few more questions. If You could contact me, it would be great.
    Greetings from Poland.

  • Federico

    Dear Anandajoti,

    I searched a lot for qi gong workouts and Ajahn Suthep routine was the most complete and fullfilling I’ve found. I am so grateful for this amazing video and I wonder if there are any others. I know that years are necessary for mastering qi gong, and maybe Ajahn has a lot more to offer for us that live so far from the Eastern masters.
    I know that what I ask may be a little too much, but I belive that many people would apreciate this amazing gift.
    Thanks again for your efforts Anandajoti! May love fill our hearts.
    Federico from Brazil

  • Anandajoti

    Dear Federic,
    Thanks for your kind words, that is much appreciated.
    I recorded the video (it took three takes on successive days) when Ajahn was teaching a retreat at a monastery I was staying at in Malaysia.
    Since then I haven’t really been much in touch with him, though I have invited him a couple of times.
    If I ever get the chance I will make a new recording at higher definition, as I have a better video camera now.
    But at present this is the only extensive video I know of Ajahn teaching Qi Gong.
    Other, shorter materials can be found on youtube.

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