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In 2012 I started a new website dedicated to having an accurate version of the Sri Lankan Buddha Jayanti edition online for reference by scholars. The transliteration of this edition was actually begun a long time before any of the others, but to this day remains incompletely proofread, and therefore I published image copies of this edition online.

But besides that, as transcriptions may be accurate or inaccurate, for scholars it is necessary to check against the original editions, especially where doubtful readings may be involved. It therefore served a double purpose of having the only truly accurate edition online, and being available without a carrying a huge library around with one.

Earlier this year I managed to add the Sri Lankan edition of the commentaries to that collection, which is the first time this edition of the commentaries (Aṭṭhakathā) have been made available online anywhere.

Now I have expanded the site considerably, by adding in the Myanmar edition of the Tipiṭaka, and the intention is to add the commentaries, and other texts as and when they come available, and also to get the Thai and Cambodian editions online, and maybe other editions if I can find scans, and get scans made (if anyone is interested in helping with this they can contact me).

To reflect these changes I have now updated the name of the site to Pali Text Images, which better reflects the more comprehensive nature of the site, and I hope soon it will be a repository where any edition of the Tipiṭaka, Aṭṭhakathā, Ṭīkā and subsidiary works will be available for scholars and students worldwide.

The site is, of course, only meant for those who can read the Pāḷi texts in the original language, and in SE Asian scripts, there are no translations.



Pali Text Image



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