Video of the First Chapter from Buddhist Wisdom Verses

For quite a time now I have been publishing extracts from my text and translation of Buddhist Wisdom Verses on this blog every Saturday.

The format is simple, a summary of the story behind the verse(s), then the verses themselves in Pali and English translation.

As always with the materials in the English section I have read this in, though here it includes both languages.

Some time ago I made a pdf of the verses together with photographs I had taken of various characters seen on the wall-murals at Borobudur.

I have now made a video out of some of this material, with pan and zoom effects of the characters as a backdrop and subtitles synchronised with the reading.

It was quite a lot of work to get all the materials in synch, and I had to remake it a number of times before I was satisfied with everything.

Now however I have a template and I may go on slowly making videos of the other chapters, though whether I will do all 28 in another matter.

The first chapter contains verses concerned with virtue, and I would be interested in any feedback I can get on the project.

If you like it, the whole text of Buddhist Wisdom Verses can be found here in various formats.


if this video is no longer available please leave a comment so I can update the page


Buddhist Wisdom Verses 1, Virtue



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