Ven. Moneyya: Selected Poems and Musings

Ven. Moneyya photographed by Andrzej Walkusz

This is the 3rd of the new websites I have made for the new Buddhasasana website, and it is also the smallest, consisting of just one book’s worth of poetry.

The poems collected here are by the American monk, Ven. Moneyya, and span a long frame of time, from the 60s – long before he became a monk, or even a Buddhist – to recent times, and are but a selection of his best work.

Some of the verse is rhymed, and some of it is blank, some is in metre and some is free verse: what is has in common though is a depth of feeling and a mastery of words. The poems were written in various countries and circumstances and the mood of the poems reflect that too.

I hope you will take a look and enjoy the poems and return to them every so often, as Ven. Moneyya does in fact still add to the work as and when he writes more.


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