Transference of Merit to the King of Thailand

The Verses entitled “Paramindamahā-Bhūmibala-Atulayateja-Mahārājassa Pattidānagāthā” (Verses for the Transference of Merit to the Supreme Monarch Bhūmibala-Atulayateja, the Great King) are sent out by the Supreme Sangha Council in Thailand to mark His Majesty’s passing; the translation is my own. The King’s name in Thai pronunication is Bhumibol Adulyadej, and means The Strength of the Earth, having Incomparable Power.


Yathā pi Paramindo so Bhūmibalo Mahissaro,
The Supreme Monarch and Lord of the Earth Bhūmibala,

savīriyo samussāho, dīghadassī vicakkhaṇo,
had great energy, long vision and was skilful,

adhirājā mahāraññā lokabhāge mahittale.
he was the leading King amongst the Kings on earth who have a share of the world.


Dayyānaṁ Devabhūto kho dharamāno pasaṁsito,
Amongst Thai people he was upheld and praised like a God,

sakkato janatā yeva sammānitobhipūjito,
truly honoured amongst the people, dignified and worshipped,

Dayyavāsīnam-atthāya hitāya ca sukhāya ca.
dwelling amongst the Thais for their welfare, benefit and happiness.


Sattativassakāle va rajjaṁ dhammena kārayi,
For a period of seventy years he reigned righteously,

evaṁ jarā ca maccu ca adhivattanti Bhūpatiṁ.
but then old-age and death overpowered the Master of the Earth.


Khattiye brāhmaṇe vesse sudde caṇḍālapukkuse,
Nobles, brahmins, merchants, workers, outcastes and refuge collectors,

na kiñci parivajjeti, sabbam-evābhimaddati.
no one can avoid (old-age and death), they are all crushed in this way.


Tasmā hi paṇḍito poso sampassaṁ attham-attano
Therefore a wise person seeing his own benefit

sampadeyyeva bhiyyoso appamādena jīvitaṁ.
should live his life very well, being heedful.


Appamatto ubho atthe adhigaṇhāti cetaso,
A heedful person, having (good) purpose, excels in two benefits,

diṭṭhe dhamme ca yo attho, yo cattho samparāyiko.
here in this very life he benefits, and in the next world he benefits.


Svākkhātassa pāṭhassa atthaṁ aññāya sādhukaṁ,
Understanding thoroughly the benefit of those teachings that were Well-Taught (by the Buddha),

paṭipajjetha medhāvī, amoghaṁ jīvitaṁ yathā.
the intelligent person should practice (them), in that way his life will not be futile.


Yan-dāni me kataṁ puññaṁ, tenānenuddisena ca,
(May) whatever merit I have now performed, through this recital,

yā kāci kusalā mayāsā sukhena sijjhataṁ sadā.
and whatever wholesome deeds I desire (to do), always be easy and successful.

Paramindamahārājā bhāgī hotu va pattiyā,
May the Supreme Monarch and Great King share in a portion (of this merit),

khemappadañ-ca pappotu, tassāsā sijjhataṁ subhā ti!
may he attain the state of safety, and may his good wishes be successful!


King of Thailand


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