Text and Translation version of the Dhammapada Published

A few weeks ago I announced the publication of a translation of the Dhammapada, under the title Dhamma Verses, which contains a synopsis of the story, the Pāḷi verse and a metrical English translation, together with a reading of the text.

Today I am publishing a second version of the translation which omits the background stories, and gives a more accurate line by line (interlinear) translation of the text, with extensive annotation on the grammar and other more technical matters to do with the verses.

In this edition I have also collected other verses at the end of most of the chapters that could have been placed in the chapter had the collectors so wished, so that at the end of the Chapter about the Pairs, for instance, there are nine more pairs that are found placed elsewhere in the Dhammapada.

I have also discussed how the verses were collected, and pointed out the loose connection some have with the chapter they are found in; and I have shown how many of the verses could have easily been improved in one way or another.

This edition is meant for the serious student of Pāḷi, who wants to get better access to the original verses, and for those who wish to study the grammar and other matters relating to the text. All feedback on this work, as on all others is welcome.

The work is published in html, pdf, flipbook, epub & mobi formats.



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1 comment to Text and Translation version of the Dhammapada Published

  • Lisa

    Thank you! The fact that there are line-by-line comparisons between the translations and the original is so nice. Thank you, metta.

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