Seven New Books in the Henri van Zeyst Archives

A New Approach to Buddhism

Last September I announced the setting up of the Henri van Zeyst Archives, which houses the writings of the great Dutch author who lived most of his life in Sri Lanka, where he ordained as Ven Dhammapāla in the 1940s, and was very instrumental in reviving interest in Buddhist studies, and where he edited most of the Buddhist Encyclopaedia.

Henri was a prolific writer who wrote many of his books while still ordained and at that time we managed to publish an initial fifteen of his books, including some of his most seminal works. We now have prepared a further seven works, a short description of which follows below.

There are of both an introductory nature, and a number of new expositions of key concepts found in the teaching. Henri has mastered both doctrinal works, including the Abhidhamma, and also wrote on meditation, and had a fresh and lively approach that was based solidly on the Tipiṭaka.


A New Approach to Buddhism:
An introduction to Buddhism for a Western audience.

Basic Buddhism:
An introduction to Buddhism looking at all the major concepts found in the teaching.

The Challenge to Buddhism:
The relevance of Buddhism in the modern world.

Problems Bared, Essays on Buddhism:
Essays on various aspects of the Buddha’s teaching.

The Pendulum of Thought:
A look at the various non-Buddhist philosophies which have guided mankind.

Truth and the Way :
The Four Noble Truths and the Way to realise them.

Obstacles on the Path:
A look at the obstacles that lay along the path, and the Buddha’s solution to overcoming them.


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