Republication of A Buddhist Perspective on Pain, Stress and Illness

Since writing this I have moved all of Bhikkhu Sumedha’s teaching and paintings to a new site specially for his work, see: Bhikkhu Sumedha – His Teaching and Paintings


I am very happy to announce that Bhikkhu Sumedha’s book giving A Buddhist Perspective on Pain, Illness and Stress has just been republished for free distribution in Taiwan.

Bhikkhu Sumedha was a senior German monk who passed away in Sri Lanka in November, 2006 at the Peradeniya Hospital, and I was fortunate enough to visit him many times during his last days.

After he had passed I was asked to help re-edit some notes that doctors had taken of his teaching while he was working at the ICU in Peradeniya Hospital for the previous decade.

We managed to get those teachings into good order and they were first published on this blog in 2011, and were published in hard copy by Sukhi Hotu in Kuala Lumpur the same year.

Unfortunately the printing didn’t come out very well on the hard copy, being somewhat difficult to read, and I always had a desire to make a better reprint, which we have now made through Buddha Educational in Taiwan.

Buddha Educational also have many other books for free distribution so if you would like to receive copies, please go to this page, then go to the bottom of the page, take the names and numbers of the books and proceed to order on this page.

For those who prefer to read digital copies, or for that matter have me read it for you 😀 please go to this link where you can download pdfs and audio files. The book has also been translated into Serbian by Leo Pravda.


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