Publication of A Practical Guide to Pāli Grammar


When I first started learning Pāli in the 1990s I typed up some tables and notes to act as a guide for my own studies, and over the years as I learned more about the language I made additions, and also some deletions.

Those were written on a typewriter and although well protected had worn thin over the years, so recently I decided to type them up on computer. Of course once in digital form it is easy to add and subtract, rearrange and improve things no end.

By the time I had finished I realised I had a guide to Pāli Grammar and so decided to publish it for the benefit of others.

It should be noted that it is only 28 pages long, and is not to be taken as comprehensive, but rather as an outline guide to the subject, which needs supplementing with comprehensive charts, etc.

But in a short compass I think it does manage to give all the main forms people will come across in their everyday reading, shows how the forms come about, and gives meaning and examples to illustrate the words in sentences drawn from the texts themselves. At the end there is a section on syntax showing how nouns are used in sentences.

The text is available in htm and pdf.

A Practical Guide to Pali Grammar


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