Parallels to the Dhammapada Verses published


In 2004 I published A Comparative Edition of the Dhammapada, there presenting an edition of the text, along with all the parallels I could find in Middle Indo-Aryan (MIA) languages, together with some studies of the text, and detailed indexes.

One thing I didn’t study at that time was the internal Pāḷi Canonical parallels, but recently being at work on the text again, this time working towards making a translation of the Patna Dhammapada, I have also studied the parallels within the Canon, and this has blossomed into the present work which is published now on my Ancient Buddhist Texts site.

The work seeks to list all the genuine parallels that are found in the Canon, together with partial parallels and quotations in other works like the Niddesa-s, Kathāvatthu, Milindapañhā, Nettipakaraṇa and Peṭakopadesa.

The first section consists of a A Study of the Parallels in which all the information has been collated and presented in synoptic form, and some of the significance of the data has been highlighted; the second part is the Text with Parallel Listings, which includes the Middle Indo-Aryan parallels also.

The work is mainly meant for students and scholars and arose when I was asked if such a work had been made before, and realised that it had not. So the present work attempts to fill that gap in Canonical studies, and can act as a reference when someone is trying to find other versions of the same verse.

The work is available in pdf and html formats, and can be found in the Original Texts and Studies section of my website, which is by far the biggest section of the site.


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