Noun Syntax added to A Practical Guide to Pali Grammar


In 2014 I made a simplified, reference-like, Practical Guide to Pāḷi Grammar, which summarised the forms, meanings, conjugations, modes and voices of the Pāḷi verb form, with annotation and some examples of usage of the indeclinable forms.

The nouns were also summarised, showing forms for the case and number in the three genders for both nouns and pronouns, and giving examples that are used in the canon. I also gave a summary of the numbers.

To this section I have now also added a summary of noun syntax showing how the forms are used and what the various meanings are in the sentence. Each of the words is italicised in both the Pāḷi and the English so it is easy to match the meanings for those still studying.

Any suggestions for improvement by those who actually use the book would be welcome.



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3 comments to Noun Syntax added to A Practical Guide to Pali Grammar

  • Sanjay Dongare

    Vandami Bhanteji
    Thanks a lot

  • Tianyake Pua

    Hi Bhante, is this book available also in hard copy? Please tell me the publisher/distributor, I may like to purchase it.Saddhu!

  • Anandajoti

    Hi Tianyake, the book is not printed yet. You can of course just download the pdf and print it from there for yourself, and for anyone else for that matter.

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