BWV 069: True Friends

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Jā 528 Mahābodhijātakaṁ
True Friends

The Bodhisatta is an ascetic who is invited by the King to stay in his park. After some time the King plots to kill him, and he decides to leave. When questioned why he is going this is his reply.

148. Vītasaddhaṁ na seveyya, udapānaṁ va nodakaṁ,
Sace pi naṁ anukhaṇe, vārikaddamagandhikaṁ.

One should not mix with the faithless,
They are like wells without water,
Even if you dig out the well,
The water will still smell of mud.

149. Pasannam-eva seveyya, appasannaṁ vivajjaye,
Pasannaṁ payirupāseyya, rahadaṁ vodakatthiko

One should mix with the faithful one,
And avoid the one without faith,
One should gather round the faithful,
Like one thirsty goes to a lake.

150. Bhaje bhajantaṁ purisaṁ, abhajantaṁ na bhajjaye,
Asappurisadhammo so yo bhajantaṁ na bhajjati.

One should love the lovely person,
And not love those who aren’t lovely,
That’s a bad person’s policy:
He who does not love the lovely.

151. Yo bhajantaṁ na bhajati, sevamānaṁ na sevati,
Sa ve manussapāpiṭṭho, migo sākhassito yathā.

He who does not love the lovely,
Nor associate with true friends,
Is one who enjoys wickedness,
Like a monkey hanging from branch.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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