BWV 058: The True Friend

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AN 7.36 Paṭhamamittasuttaṁ
The True Friend

The Buddha explains the seven things by which one can recognise a true friend.

119. Duddadaṁ dadāti mittaṁ, dukkaraṁ vāpi kubbati,
Atho pissa duruttāni, khamati dukkhamāni pi.

A friend gives what’s hard to give,
And does what’s surely hard to do,
And when there are bad, blaming words,
That are hard to bear, he bears them.

120. Guyhañ-ca tassa akkhāti, guyhassa parigūhati,
Āpadāsu na jahati, khīṇena nātimaññati.

His secret he will tell to you,
But your secret he surely hides,
He supports you in misfortune,
He does not despise you when ruined.

121. Yasmiṁ etāni ṭhānāni saṁvijjantīdha puggale:
So mitto mittakāmehi, bhajitabbo tathāvidho.

In that person these things are found:
He is a true and lovely friend,
With him one can keep company.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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