BWV 057: Friends, Bad and Good

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DN 31 Sigālasuttaṁ
Friends, Bad and Good

The Buddha explains to the young man Sigāla how to distinguish bad friends and good friends.

115. Aññadatthuharo mitto, yo ca mitto vacīparo,
Anuppiyañ-ca yo āha, apāyesu ca yo sakhā:

116. Ete amitte cattāro, iti viññāya Paṇḍito,
Ārakā parivajjeyya, maggaṁ paṭibhayaṁ yathā.

The friend who steals things from you,
That friend who only promises,
That friend who is said to flatter,
And that friend who is a spendthrift:
The Wise will know these four are foes,
Avoid them like a fearful path.

117. Upakāro ca yo mitto, yo ca mitto sukhe dukhe,
Atthakkhāyī ca yo mitto, yo ca mittānukampako:

118. Ete pi mitte cattāro, iti viññāya Paṇḍito,
Sakkaccaṁ payirupāseyya, Mātā puttaṁ va orasaṁ.

That friend who is truly helpful,
The friend for you in weal and woe,
That friend who knows what’s for your good,
The friend who is compassionate:
The Wise will know these four are friends,
Attend on them like child on breast.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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