BWV 052: Loyalty gets its Reward

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Jā 533 Cūlahaṁsajātakaṁ
Loyalty gets its Reward

A King of the geese is caught by a fowler, but his Commander-in-Chief refuses to leave him. The fowler takes them to the King of Men who, impressed by their virtue, sets them free.

101. Evaṁ mittavataṁ atthā sabbe honti padakkhiṇā,
Haṁsā yathā Dhataraṭṭhā, ñātisaṅgham-upāgamuṁ.

All those with vows of friendliness
Are fortunate in their affairs,
Just like the Dhataraṭṭha geese,
Who returned to their relatives.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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