BWV 046: A Name is Just a Name

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Jā 97 Nāmasiddhijātakaṁ
A Name is Just a Name

In the story a man called Wicked hates his name so he is advised to search for a new one. He comes across Life who had just died, Wealthy who was poor, and Guide who was lost in a forest. Then he realised a name is just a name, nothing more.

94. Jīvakañ-ca mataṁ disvā, Dhanapāliñ-ca duggataṁ,
Panthakañ-ca vane mūḷhaṁ, Pāpako puna-r-āgato.

Seeing Life lying dead,
Wealthy in poverty,
And Guide lost in the wood,
Wicked came home again.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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