BWV 043: When Faculties Wane

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Jā 164 Gijjhajātakaṁ
When Faculties Wane

A vulture who had been stealing things in the city is captured and brought before the King, and the following dialogue takes place.

90. “Kin-nu gijjho yojanasataṁ kuṇapāni avekkhati,
Kasmā jālañ-ca pāsañ-ca āsajjā pi na bujjhasi?”

“Why, when a vulture sees corpses
More than a hundred leagues away,
Did you not see the net and snare?”

91. “Yadā parābhavo hoti poso jīvitasaṅkhaye,
Atha jālañ-ca pāsañ-ca āsajjā pi na bujjhati.”

“When a creature is in decline
And life is coming to an end,
He does not see the net and snare.”

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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