BWV 035: The Long Journey in Samsara

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Dhp 60 Aññatarapurisavatthu
The Long Journey in Saṁsāra

King Pasenadi is overcome with desire for another man’s wife and seeks to have him killed. During the night he wakes to the sound of four people screaming. The Buddha explains they were adulterers in their previous lives and did no good deeds.

78. Dīghā jāgarato ratti, dīghaṁ santassa yojanaṁ,
Dīgho bālānaṁ saṁsāro Saddhammaṁ avijānataṁ.

Long is the night for those awake,
Long is a league for those tired,
Long is the round of births and deaths
For fools who know not True Dhamma.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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