BWV 034: The Great Defilements

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Dhp 251 Pañca-upāsakavatthu
The Great Defilements

While the Buddha is preaching the Dhamma, of five lay followers one falls asleep, another scratches the earth, one shakes a tree, another looks at the sky and only one listens attentively. The Buddha explains they were a snake, an earthworm, a monkey, an astrologer and a student of the Vedas in their previous births and behave accordingly now.

76. Natthi rāgasamo aggi, natthi dosasamo gaho,
Natthi mohasamaṁ jālaṁ, natthi taṇhāsamā nadī.

There is no fire quite like passion,
Nothing takes a hold like hatred,
There is no snare like delusion,
Nothing sweeps one away like craving.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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