BWV 033: Various Reciprical Duties

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Jā 537 Mahāsutasomajātakaṁ
Various Reciprical Duties

The Bodhisatta converts a man-eating King and brings him home, but the people do not feel safe. The Bodhisatta admonishes them with these verses.

74. Na so Rājā yo ajeyyaṁ jināti,
Na so sakhā yo sakhāraṁ jināti,
Na sā bhariyā yā patino vibheti,
Na te puttā ye na bharanti jiṇṇaṁ.

A King does not hurt his parents,
A true friend does not hurt his friends,
A wife should not fear her husband,
Children should support the aged.

75. Na sā sabhā yattha na santi santo,
Na te santo ye na bhaṇanti Dhammaṁ;
Rāgañ-ca dosañ-ca pahāya mohaṁ,
Dhammaṁ bhaṇanto va bhavanti santo.

If the good are absent that is no assembly,
They are not good who do not talk about Dhamma;
Having put away passion, hatred, delusion,
The good will then talk about Dhamma to others.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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