BWV 017: Truth and Untruth have Different Results

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Jā 510 Ayogharajātakaṁ
Truth and Untruth have Different Results

To protect their new-born son, the Bodhisatta, the King and Queen build an iron house and keep him in it. On coming of age, though, he realises he is not safe from old age and death and proclaims 24 verses which culimate in the following famous verses.

54. Dhammo have rakkhati Dhammacāriṁ,
Dhammo suciṇṇo sukham-āvahāti,
Esānisaṁso Dhamme suciṇṇe,
Na duggatiṁ gacchati Dhammacārī.

The Dhamma protects one living by it,
The Dhamma well-practised brings happiness,
This is the advantage of the Dhamma:
It does not lead to bad destinations.

55. Na hi Dhammo adhammo ca ubho samavipākino,
Adhammo Nirayaṁ neti, Dhammo pāpeti Suggatiṁ.

Therefore the True Dhamma and false Dhamma
Will surely never have the same result:
False Dhamma leads to the Nether Regions,
The True Dhamma will lead you to Heaven.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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