BWV 016: The Priority of Truth

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Jā 537 Mahāsutasomajātakaṁ
The Priority of Truth

The Bodhisatta’s teaching to the man-eating King, which eventually persuades him to give up his evil habit.

53. Dhanaṁ caje yo pana aṅgahetu,
Aṅgaṁ caje jīvitaṁ rakkhamāno;
Aṅgaṁ dhanaṁ jīvitañ-cāpi sabbaṁ,
Caje naro Dhammam-anussaranto.

He who would give up wealth for limbs,
Would give up his limbs for his life;
But a man who guards the Dhamma,
Will give up limbs, wealth, life and all.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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1 comment to BWV 016: The Priority of Truth

  • Visakha Kawasaki

    This is the Jataka we hope will be made into an animated movie — addiction is always an important subject and the compassion and patience required to help a friend overcome it! Lots of drama, lots of Dhamma. Hope this movie gets made!!

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