BWV 010: Six Faults

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SN 1.1.76 Najīratisuttaṁ
Six Faults

A god comes and asks the Buddha various questions, including one about how many faults there are.

26. Cha lokasmiṁ chiddāni yattha vittaṁ na tiṭṭhati:
Ālassaṁ ca pamādo ca, anuṭṭhānaṁ asaññamo,
Niddā tandī ca te chidde, sabbaso taṁ vivajjaye.

There are these six faults in the world
Where wealth and goods do not persist:
They are: laziness, heedlessness,
Lack of action, lack of restraint,
Sleepiness and sloth: these are faults,
He should altogether avoid them.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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