BWV 004: Eight things Leading to Prosperity

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AN 8.54 Dīghajāṇusuttaṁ
Eight things Leading to Prosperity

A householder asks the Buddha for advice on how to live well in his present state.

5. Uṭṭhātā kammadheyyesu, appamatto vidhānavā,
Samaṁ kappeti jīvikaṁ sambhataṁ anurakkhati,

Being active in doing good,
Being heedful and circumspect,
Equanimous in livelihood,
Being careful with his savings,

6. Saddho sīlena sampanno, vadaññū vītamaccharo,
Niccaṁ maggaṁ visodheti, sotthānaṁ samparāyikaṁ,

Endowed with faith and virtue,
Being bountiful, unselfish,
Always purifying the Path,
Sure of safety in his next life.

7. Iccete aṭṭhadhammā ca saddhassa gharam-esino,
Akkhātā Saccanāmena, ubhayattha sukhāvahā.

The faithful one, with these eight things,
Will gain happiness in both worlds –
So said the one whose name is Truth.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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