Arahat Dhammadinnā’s Dhamma Teaching

Arahat Dhammadinna

I have just published a text, translation and reading of The Small Discourse giving an Elaboration (Cūḷavedallasutta, MN 44), together with excerpts from its commentaries on the Ancient Buddhist Texts website.

The discourse is important as it shows the Arahat Nun Dhammadinnā teaching Dhamma to her former husband Visākha, himself a Non-Returner, in a role reversal that is not often seen in ancient India.

The discourse is also one of the most profound in the Canon, showing a subtlety that only comes from personal penetration of the teachings. In the discourse Visākha asks a series of 33 questions on various aspects of the Dhamma, including Embodiment (Sakkāya), the Eightfold Noble Path, the cessation of perception and feeling, feelings and tendencies.

In all the questions, given to her from various angles, Arahat Dhammadinnā shows her complete mastery of the teaching from the inside and without hesitation can answer even the most difficult questions.

I have also included translations from the commentarial frame story showing the past lives, the history of the marriage and their respective attainments. Arahat Dhammadinnā was later declared by the Buddha to be his foremost bhikkhuni disciple in teaching Dhamma.

The text is available in all the normal versions: as a Text and Translation, an English Only version, which also has an Audio version embedded in it.

There are also different formats: html, pdf, flipbook, epub, mobi and mp3.


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