One Person’s Bones…

Some time ago I made a poster showing the statistics for people dying in the world. It normally astonishes people to find out nearly two people die every second around the clock, or 105 people every minute – on average, of course – and these statistics are now around 2 or 3 years out of date, so the figure must be higher by now.

I first found this out for myself shortly after the death of my Mother in 1989, and to be honest it put the event into perspective and I realised there are people grieving all over the globe at any time of the day and night, and it is certainly no consolation to know that although 105 people die every minute, 145 are born. Such is the population explosion and that is also a really serious problem as we come to the end of various resources in the world.

Recently I also came across this interesting flash widget, which gives more detailed information for contemplation and shows not only how many people are dying but also what they are dying from, and other interesting information, including material to do with the environment – it is worth spending some time absorbing some of this information.

The poster below is linked to the high-definition file, so if you want you can right-click on it and “Save Link As…” to download and print it or put it on the desktop.

For more posters and photographs please follow up from the SOURCE.

One Person's Bones...
One Person’s Bones…


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