New Photographs of the Lalitavistara Panels from Borobudur

At the beginning of July I went to Borobudur for a 10-day trip, first of all to finally check the text I have for a new book on the Life of the Buddha, based on the Lalitavistara panels at Borobudur, but also to get better photographs of those reliefs and other parts of the monument.

I was fortunate enough to get a better camera before I went (Panasonic LX100), and that has made a big difference to the quality of the photographs I managed to get, and I will be preparing them for publication over the coming weeks.

The first set to be ready are the Life of the Buddha photographs themselves, which will eventually form the basis for a new book coming from Ehipassiko in Indonesia. The page now contains the captions, together with an introduction to the monument, the text and the reliefs themselves.

The 120 captions to accompany the photographs summarise the story which is the basis for each of the reliefs, and point out important features which may otherwise be overlooked, and is based for the most part on the Lalitavistara text itself.

This is the 3rd set of photographs of the same reliefs that I have published, and I am keeping the others online as they also form a valuable record, and sometimes have caught the relief at different times of the day, which inevitably throws them into a different light.


The Lalitavistara Panels



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