Dhammapada Posters on Photo Dharma II

I previously published the first set of Dhammapada posters, which I noticed here, and I have now published the second set covering chapters 8-14 (vs. 100-196).

The most difficult thing in this work is finding the right photographs, and I often spend more time on that, than on the final design, which will normally be constrained by the photo itself. I am trying to use a variety of designs to keep it interesting.

About 20% of the photos used in the posters are not mine, because I need something specific, like an illutration for a particular simile. These are always marked by author, when known. The rest are from my own photographs, quite often not previously published.

I am presently working on the third set, and simultaneously working on a translation of the Patna Dhammapada, which has many parallels to the Pāḷi verses, so this is a Rains Retreat with many pithy and well-spoken verses (subhāsita).



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