Dhammapada Posters on Photo Dharma I

Last year I made a verse translation of the Dhammapada called Dhamma Verses, which was published on Ancient Buddhist Texts, and I followed it up by making posters of the verses, which were originally published on one of my Facebook pages (now discontinued).

The work on those posters was interrupted by my trip to Maharasthra and Sanchi in India and the subsequent work publishing photographs from that trip, but by that time I had already completed over 100 of the verses.

These posters, constituting the whole of chapters 1-7, or roughly 1/4 of the text, are now published in their own album on the Photo Dharma website, and I am restarting the work on the rest of the posters.

One of the most noticeable things on Facebook is the prevalence of false “Buddha” quotes, which not only are not true quotes, but quite often misrepresent the teachings altogether in favour of some “feel good” materials.

I am hoping that if we can get some real quotations out there, presented in an attractive way, that these false teachings can be counteracted to a certain degree, so please feel free to download and share these genuine quotes from one of the most famous collections of Lord Buddha’s teachings.




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