Scaling down the work on Dharma Records

Dear Friends,


After some consideration I have decided to cut back on the posts I am publishing on Dharma Records, because the fact of the matter is that it takes up far too much of my time – and was, indeed, dominating my publishing efforts for the past few months.

The blog has never attracted much attention, unlike my main work on Ancient Buddhist Texts and Photo Dharma, and I really feel that I should concentrate my (limited) energy more on developing those sites, and getting works that have been on-hold for far too long ready for publication.

I will still use the space here for publishing original materials that find no home elsewhere, like talks that I give, and incidental translations, and I may find in the end some way to remake the blog, but for now I am rescheduling posts so that they appear on weekends only, and posts on other days will only be made on an occasional basis.

In keeping with this change of policy I have now removed nearly all works that can be found on my other sites, and therefore only original works and content I would like to share with others can be found here now.


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3 comments to Scaling down the work on Dharma Records

  • Kah Choon

    Dear Bhante

    A pity not to follow your thoughts and interests on a variety of subjects. But the loss would be more than make up by the postings on the Ancient Buddhist Texts. I look forward to these.

    With metta

    kah Choon

  • We hope that scaling back will allow you more energy. We’re glad and grateful that you’ll be posting on weekends at least — we appreciate how much work it must be! We certainly enjoy your perspective on contemporary issues as well as strictly Buddhist themes.

  • Colin

    Hello Bhante, A refocus for 2011 and we look forward to your main work, publishing efforts and of course the occasional posts on Dharma records! Metta

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