Indian Buddhist Art Schools (6 Maps)

Gandhara Perid Map

I have just completed a set of six maps illustrating the provenance of the various schools of art that arose in India over the 1,500 years it prevailed there.

The periods for Buddhist Art are usually identified by the Empires or the countries that they arose in, such as the Mauryan Period, the Sunga Period and the Gandhāra Period, and the maps show the extent of their lands, and then highlight the main centres for artistic production.

The maps are accompanied by short write-ups giving further information about the art schools and their main accomplishments and importance.

It should be stressed that because of the vast quantity of Buddhist remains in the country the maps are not meant to be comprehensive, but just indicate some of the main centres which the student is likely to come across, so as to should help position them in time and place.


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