Godwin on iPad

In 2009 Awaken Publishing and Design in Singapore produced a very beautiful book of Godwin’s teachings called Discovering Meditation. Around 6,000 copies were printed and distributed round the world.

Awaken is the publication department of Phor Kark See, the largest temple in Singapore, and they have a young and very bright new abbot who is doing a lot for the promotion of the Dharma.

Now thanks to Astrago, a volunteer at the temple, they have just managed to put out a collection of 19 books for the iPad, which includes Godwin’s book. They can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store.

Godwin on iPad

I don’t have an iPad myself 😐 but you can see from this page that it has a nice page-turning effect with it. Perhaps this is an ideal iDhamma gift for your family and friends (mind you you have to buy them an iPad first).

Godwin on iPad

If you are not so lucky, don’t worry, you can download the original book, either in it’s published format FROM HERE; or suitable for printing on A4 paper from the website we set up to house Godwin’s teaching FROM HERE.


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